Tour Identity

Highlights:  Diros Cave
Type of tour: Bus and boat tour.
Pick up point: Gythion Port
Difficulty level: The tour is not recommended  for guests  with claustrophobia and mobility problems.
Useful info: Life vest onboard the small boats; the temperature inside the cave is approximately 18º.

Located between the towns of Pirgos Dirou and Areopolis, the Diros Caves are perhaps one of the most fascinating natural sites in Greece. The Paleolithic and Neolithic artifacts found here suggest that the caves were one of the earliest inhabited places in Greece. We will leave the port and drive inland to reach Pyrgos Dirou. A subterranean river flows inside the caves and we will board small boats for an amazing journey across the cave lake – the best way to admire the stunning, multi-colored stalactites and stalagmites of all shapes and sizes that have formed here over millennia. Gliding across the water, we will enter many cave chambers and caverns, marveling at this silent underground world. Magical!

  • Private bus  or taxi depending on the number of persons
  • Licensed guide  
  • Entrance fee to Diros Cave
42€Duration3,5 hours




Tour Identity
Byzantine  city  of Mystras
Type of tour: Bus and walking tour.
Pick up point: Gythion Port
Difficulty level: This excursion is not recommended for guests with mobility problems as a big amount of uphill walking on uneven ground is involved.

From the port, an hourcoach drive  take you across the Evrotas Valley to the ancient city of Mystras, which was formerly the fortified capital of the Byzantine Peloponnese. An important archaeological site, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage center.  We will visit and the church, Agia Sophia, which has two small chapels containing beautiful frescoes visit, the Palace of the Despots, the Cathedral of Saint Demetrios, with its two-headed eagle engraved in the floor, symbolizing the Byzantium, Greek Orthodoxy and Paleologos Dynasty, which ruled the Byzantine empire in its last years. The last Byzantine emperor, Constantine XI Palaiologos, was despot at Mystras before he came to the throne. Demetrius Palaeologos the last despot of Morea, surrendered the city to the Ottoman emperor Mehmed II in 1460  before heading to the town of Sparta which was the greatest military power of Greece.
During The Persian Wars, Spartan king Leonidas with only three hundred Spartans fought against Persian in Thermopylae, in 480 BC.
Sparta is a  city with tree-lined boulevards. Brief stop in the main square before returning to Gythion.

  • Private bus  or taxi depending on the number of persons
  • Licensed guide  
  • Entrance fee to Mystras. 
35€Duration4,5 hours


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